Grazing Platters

Platters suitable for any occasion and can be tailored to suit any event.

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Generally allow:

  • 1 Platter per 4 - 6 people (something more substantial)

  • 1 Platter per 8 - 10 people (leave them wanting more)

  • 1 platter per 10 – 12 people (a nice little taste)

Brunch Platter - $120

A beautiful selection of brunch items including fresh fruit, granola, yoghurt, scones with jam & cream, ham & cheese croissants, smoked salmon, sliced cured meats, fresh cheeses and fresh bread

Charcuterie Platter - $90

A beautiful selection of local and imported cured sliced meats, pates, spreads and pickled vegetables served with crackers and fresh bread

Hot Smoked Salmon Platter - $95

A side of local flaky hot smoked salmon served with a horseradish cream, dill, caperberries, avocado and rye crackers. (Served cold)

Ploughman’s Platter - $90

Sliced cold meats and cheeses served with chutneys, mustards, pickles and fresh artisan breads. 

Dips Platter - $75 

Freshly made duo of dips served with raw vegetables, bread sticks, crackers and fresh bread.

(Vegetarian with Gluten free options)

Antipasto Platter - $90

A selection of local and imported ingredients including sliced small goods, olives, marinated vegetables, cheeses, fresh dips, and crackers

(Gluten free options) 

Mezze Platter - $90 

A Greek inspired platter with dips, dolmades, olives, marinated vegetables, pickled seafood, feta cheese and pita bread

Cheese Platter - $120 

Local and imported premium cheeses served with fresh and dried fruit, crackers, pastes and accompaniments

Ham Board - $120 

Glazed half leg of ham served with a selection of mustards and chutneys with fresh baguettes

Seafood Platter - $120 

A selection of fresh local seafood including prawns, oysters, smoked salmon, pickled calamari, pickled octopus and accompaniments

Oyster Platter - $120 

Freshly shucked local oysters served with seasonal condiments and sauces